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The Basics

[community profile] inthemidst is a fic-style written role playing game (RPG) focusing on characters in an alternate universe (AU) version of modern-day Chicago, mirroring real life, but with a twist: the characters have various (super)powers, abilities or adaptations which set them apart from the population at large.

The characters in [community profile] inthemidst are people who you may know. We use actors, musicians, models and other known personalities as "played bys" for our characters, with their own names. Some cleave closely to their real life counterparts, for instance, the Mads Mikkelsen in the game is an actor from Denmark, though he hasn't been a James Bond villain, and the Kristin Chenoweth in the game is a operatically trained soprano, though our Kristin isn't a Tony Award winner. The vast majority keep only basic biography points like age and place of birth, while a few resemble the real person in name and likeness only.

Our characters live and work in communities all around the city, many working at the University of Chicago or in the vicinity, Hyde Park, Woodlawn, Kenwood, or further northwest in the Illinois Medical District and its surrounding communities, University Village, Near South Side, Ukranian Village, and so on. They come from all over the world, all walks of life with professions in every sector, drawn to come and live in the third-largest city in the U.S. where their large numbers are an "open secret," rarely discussed except amongst the "atypicals" themselves.

Game Play

The game is played by the posting of solo or collaborative pieces (aka "logs") in member character journals to create a linear storyline for the characters through time. You can follow along with the game here.

The players in [community profile] inthemidst are people from all over, much like our characters, all ages, races, genders and walks of life. Most have experience in other RPGs that are played in the same written style, but that's not a requirement. Though most of our players have known (or known of) one another for a while, we always welcome newcomers.

This is a game for and by adults, fans of sci-fi and fantasy and the supernatural. Because this is a game about people with powers beyond the norm, sometimes violence may occur. This game is also played largely by veterans of RPGs and fanfic writing that are slashcentric, so expect frank depictions of all manners of sexuality and sexual behavior.

Joining the Game

Due to the themes and content of the game, you must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  1. Read the Rules of the Game and familiarize yourself with all of the material at [community profile] itm_admin.
  2. Choose a pup (character) you'd like to play and the power that you'd like them to have. Review the list of current pups and powers. No duplications of either pups or powers is permitted.
  3. Fill out the New Player Application.
  4. Send a DW message (preferred) or e-mail to Amadi (amadi at dreamwidth.org) requesting an application review.
  5. Your application will be reviewed by the moderators. Please allow us a few days to make a decision.
  6. Once accepted, the mods will work with you to create your character journal, put together your character profile and get started as a new player.


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