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Rules of the Game

Player Conduct

  1. We're all adults, and should behave accordingly.
    • Treat other players as you would like to be treated; common courtesy and open lines of communication soothe or solve most problems.
    • Respect the IC/OOC line. If someone's pup dislikes yours, don't take it personally. If you don't care for another player, don't use it as an excuse for your pup to cause drama with theirs.
    • If you have a conflict with another player that you cannot resolve on your own, contact the moderators for mediation.
    • Disrespectful behavior toward other players will not be tolerated. Hate speech, threats, outing (disclosure of personal information), harassment or other attacking behavior will result in suspension or termination from the game. Just don't go there.
  2. If you decide to leave the game or retire a character, players with whom you have written should be given notice so that they may cross-post logs which they wish to keep for their character's storyline. Under no circumstances should journals or entries be deleted in a fashion which causes another player to lose material to which they've contributed.
  3. If there's something you need, something you want, if you have some problem or concern, please contact the moderators. That's why we're here.

Characters & Powers

  1. All characters must be unique. They may not be duplicated.
  2. All characters must be "celebrities." If you're unsure if your desired pup is sufficiently famous to qualify as a celebrity, just ask the mods.
  3. Characters cannot have god-like powers. No character can have a trait which is tantamount to a complete lack of vulnerability or immortality.
  4. There can be no duplicate powers. There are many different shades to each general type of power. Again, if you have questions, please consult the mods.

Character Journals

  1. All players must ensure that character journals conform to the standard journal requirements.


  1. Players are free to choose whatever storyline suits them and their characters so long as they do not interfere with storylines in progress by other players/characters.
  2. Storylines and logs may not include anything which controls, manipulates, ascribes words/thoughts/feelings/actions, harms or kills a character who belongs to another player without the express consent of that player. In other words: no godmodding.
  3. Any major plot points which may have repercussions outside of your character's own storyline (character death, dissolution of an established game organization, change of character alliances/motivations, etc.) should be discussed with the mods. If your plan might impede on the play of other characters it might need to be adjusted.

Game Play

  1. Logs, vignettes and other storyline based posts should be written in present tense.
  2. All logs, vignettes, e-mails or other communication between characters or other game-play should be posted to your character's journal and NOT to the [community profile] inthemidst community.
  3. Posted logs may be backdated to indicate that the action took place prior to the date when the log is posted by means of a note at the top of the log (e.g. "Took place July 4, 2003") but should not be posted using the "dating out of order" function as this causes the post not to appear on the community reading page.
  4. Additional headers (pairings, ratings, summaries, etc.) are not necessary, but players are encouraged to use tags for this sort of information.
  5. Please use courtesy when posting. If your character and another are volleying e-mails back and forth, please do so in the comments of one entry rather than posting individual entries for each e-mail. Please be judicious about other back-to-back posting. And please use a cut for any posts that are more than a paragraph or two long.
  6. Only two out of character (OOC) posts may be made in a character journal, the required Player/Pup Information post and a chronological index, which is optional.


  1. Every player must have some form of game activity at least once each 90 days. For our purposes, activity includes:
    • Any in-character posting (preferably an interactive log, but all posts count)
    • In-character commenting on a public journal thread.
    • Character activity in an open game event.

  2. A player who is MIA for 90 days will receive a check-in e-mail. If there is no response to this email after 2 weeks, the player's character(s) and power(s) will be recycled or co-writers given the opportunity to make NPC claims on the MIA player's character(s).
  3. There will be occasional "claiming" or check-in posts on [community profile] supermeta. Any character which is not claimed by their player by the stated deadline on those posts will be considered to be retired, and the characters and powers will be subject to recycling or NPC claim.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns regarding any of these rules, please contact the game moderators.