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Consider this an introduction to our medium of play, and how to use it.

Creating a Journal

Once you have been accepted to join [community profile] inthemidst, you will receive a journal creation code so that you can create your character journal.

Your character's journal name must include "_itm" at the end, e.g. [personal profile] drdaniel_itm.

Journal Requirements

  1. Somewhere on the journal profile page, you must include the mandatory disclaimer.
  2. Your first post should be the Pup/Player information for the character.
  3. A link to the pup/player information post should be linked to on the journal profile page.
  4. On the "Display" tab of the account settings management page the "Adult Content" option should be set to "should be viewed with discretion" or "is suitable for ages 18+".
  5. On the "Privacy" tab of the account settings management page:
    • The box for "Attempt to block outside search engines from indexing my journal" must be ticked.
    • Under "Comment Screening" the option to screen "all comments" must be chosen.*
    • Under "Site-Wide Search Inclusion" the option "No, do not allow my content to be included in site-wide searches."

Suggested (Non-Mandatory) Journal Inclusions

  • A photo of your character on the profile page, so people know who s/he is.
  • A variety of icons for your character.
  • A chronological index of logs your character appears in, in their own journal and in the journals of other characters. This is the only OOC post that can appear in your character's journal other than the player/pup information post.

Beginning to Play

  1. Follow the steps listed above to set up your journal.
  2. Post the link to your character's pup/player information post to [community profile] supermeta, as a means of introducing your character to the other participants in the game.
  3. Your character should add all of the other character journals to their circle.
  4. Feel free to write an in-character solo piece to help introduce your character to the game. For instance, if they're new to Chicago, they could write about their reaction to the city as a newcomer. Or they could write about their work, their family, or any other aspect of their lives. You could also write backstory to give a glimpse of your character's life in the past. So long as it is in character and in keeping with the rules, it's fair game.
  5. Feel free to propose storyline in [community profile] supermeta or by e-mailing or sending instant messages to other players. Be aware that others may already have planned storyline that cannot incorporate a new character. Someone's declining of a storyline suggestion should not be taken personally.
  6. If you are having any difficulties or issues with the game, contact the mods ASAP so that we can help you with them. It's why we're here.

Comments should be set to screened so that OOC comments/feedback are visible only to the player. If a post is made that's designed to have in-character comments, such as an e-mail exchange or bulletin board post, comments can be set as unscreened for that individual entry, though any OOC comments left on that entry should be screened upon receipt. (Back to content.)
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